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When can I get my hands on a set of PLAYDXTR?

We are currently in a private BETA program with wonderful families located from South Korea to Alaska, as well as schools and organisations in both Europe and the US.

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How does PLAYDXTR help me?

Our job as parents is to make the best possible decisions for your children - to keep them safe and ensure their optimal development. That is why we’ve created PLAYDXTR. PLAYDXTR is a supportive and positive tool for you as a parent, providing you with historical and personalized information about your child, to guide you in your decisions.

Read more about why PLAYDXTR is valuable for parents in our blogpost right here.

What are the recommended ages for PLAYDXTR?

Officially PLAYDXTR is suitable for kids between 5 years old up to preteen. However, if you ask us we believe that PLAYDXTR is suitable for children of all ages that loves to play (yes Grandpa, that includes you too).

Exactly what sort of information will I receive about my child?

The amount of information you receive will depend on the amount of information you allow us to record.

If you don’t want your child’s data to be collected or if you don’t want to keep track of your child’s development, it’s completely possible. Just opt out in the settings in the application and go back to enjoying the games.

If you do want to get information about your child, we will anonymously record his play sessions on the platform. You will receive information about his progress on our games. They are all designed around different cognitive functions like memory, visuospatial skills, planning, dexterity etc. Your child’s play sessions will give you information about how these cognitive functions are growing in your child.

How does PLAYDXTR help my child?

PLAYDXTR provides a great variety of games, each requiring different cognitive abilities. It will the same time engage children in physical activity, which unfortunately tends to be forgotten in a new World of tablets and apps.

Our games constantly adapt their content to the player’s level. This means that your children will always have to think actively to solve them. We don’t believe in learning through repetition until a child knows something by heart. Our children learn by being active, by being creative, by being challenged in a fun and safe environment.

They simply learn by embracing playing.

Read more about what we mean when we talk about Embracing Play in our blogpost right here.

Why should I use this?

If you have kids odds are they’re gonna play with something. Blocks, sticks, or maybe rocks. Children play no matter what. Why not make the inevitable play smarter and more insightful for you as a parent? The children will simply go about their playful business as usual, and you (and your child) enjoy the benefits of the information this creates.

Read more about the importance of physical play in our blogpost right here.

Playing with PLAYDXTR

How do I charge the PLAYDXTR blocks?

Charging the PLAYDXTR blocks is super simple. All PLAYDXTR sets come with a base station, and all you need to do is click all the blocks that needs charging together, and place them on the base station. Voila!

Do I need wifi or Bluetooth to play?

Yes, you will need Wifi and Bluetooth LE (smart) 4.1.

What is the battery life and playing time?

Right now PLAYDXTR can offer around 4 hours of play time, but we are working on get them to a state where they only need charging every third day or so.

Technology and Privacy

Can I contribute to the project?

Yes! we will be releasing a 3rd party SDK for Game development on the PLAYDXTR platform.

We are excited to see all kinds of wonderful and playful outcomes spring out from it. With the PLAYDXTR building blocks, the sky's is the limit! Looking forward to hack away with our blocks?

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Is my child's data safe?

Yes, absolutely. All the data we store about your child is completely anonymous, and we are working closely with experts at the Microsoft Azure Platform to make sure all your data is completely safe.

In May 2018 the EU is implementing new regulation (the General Data Protection Regulation) which strengthens the rights of especially children and underaged. We anticipate to go above and beyond this regulation and always design with privacy in mind.

What will you do with all the data collected?

We will anonymously analyze the data and correlate it to other children on the platform with similar profiles. From this we will build the World's first global database on children’s cognitive development.

Any data you provide will not be sold, leased, or rented to third parties for commercial purposes.

Read more about serious gaming and how our global database can help us better understand child development in our blogpost right here.

What will the Kubits be able to do?

Answering this question from a technical perspective, each Kubit is able to connect wirelessly to our base station. They are able to detected their own orientation and rotation in 6 axis, as well as being able to detect which face and edge is connected to another Kubit.

The base station then knows which Kubit’s are connected and how they are connected, either face to face or edge to edge. Each kubit is able to change color on each of its six sides in all RGB colours (so basically all the colours of the rainbow!).

The Kubits are also used as control units for the games on the tablet. Developers will be able to create their own apps that uses the data coming from the kubits.

Read more and go deeper into the overall technology in our blogpost right here.


Can PLAYDXTR be used by teachers in the classroom?

Yes! One of our main focuses is getting PLAYDXTR into schools and classrooms all over the World. Physical play is an integral part of children's development, and we believe that PLAYDXTR serves as a great way to get familiar with the digital World, while still being physical and moving. For the teacher, PLAYDXTR will serve as a supportive tool and an objective third eye in the daily assessment of the pupils.

Teacher yourself? Reach out to Loïc our team neuro-phycologist, for more information on how you can introduce PLAYDXTR in your classroom.

I am a retailer or distributor interested in selling PLAYDXTR, how do I go about it?

Great, we are interested too! Simply reach out to Ken our CEO, and we will take it from there.


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