November 2017

What a year it's been!

written by
Ken Madsen
Co-founder and CEO @ DXTR Labs

There is so much I want to update you on, but I'll try to keep this as short as I can. If there is anything you'd like to have clarified or have other questions and comments you are very welcome to grab a hold of me directly at I'm happy to discuss anything that might be on your mind.

First things first; The Team

I want to update you a bit on our team. We've expanded our development team as well as our investor group – more on that below. Unfortunately, we've also had to say goodbye to dear friends over the last months, including Clara who is now brand manager at Turtleneck. While we're sad to say goodbye to Clara, we're also very happy for her new adventure and couldn't be more proud of the time and challenges we've had and faced together.

Being a team of mostly developers and engineers our marketing and communication suffered a great deal under all of this, and I want to give you my sincere apology for having gone completely stealth mode the entire last year while we dug deep into our development.

We've also had the fortune of adding a few hires, including new developers, graphical artist, and engineers, which helps move the game development forward. Sign up to our newsletter to get a demo-video of some of our Alpha games that we've been working on.

A view of our pre-BETA building blocks and our music game.

All about the money...

No doubt that development is expensive. When we launched our Kickstarter back in 2015 we had a very innocent greenhorn approach to our upcoming adventure – also to the timeframe we were facing. We're exceptionally grateful every day for the wonderful beta testers that have chosen to join us, and the ones that sill asks to join. The talks and interviews we've had with you have helped guide us as a shining star all these many months.

As the rabbit hole has continued to deepen – and supplier after supplier have scratched their heads at the challenges we were presenting to them – we've pushed through generation after generation of our building blocks, building our core technology one step at a time. As it turns out – and we sort of knew this from the beginning – what we are developing is pretty unique.

Our pre-BETA building blocks charging with our ALPHA Basestation.

This of course also means intellectual property and I'm thrilled to let you know that we are now patent pending in the US, EU, China, Japan, and Korea. With the help from a very strong and dedicated team at Nixon Peabody in the US and their international partners, we've been able to prosecute a strong piece of IP, which means we can update you in more detail now about our development if you'd like, just let me know.

To kick things into a whole new gear I'm happy to let you know that we're adding a substantial bridge to our financing. While I still, unfortunately, can't reveal who our new angels are, I can tell you that we are adding a total of $1M to finish development together with our BETA testers and to finally bring DXTR to market and ready for retail.

Development sprint for BETA shipping

The sprint is on and everyone is running as fast as they can. Without the sombrero though.

We're running fast to ship our BETA building blocks, and we're smashing through production barriers on a daily basis.

On the cloud-data side, we've worked quite a bit on the whole visualisation part: How do we showcase the individual strengths of a child in positively reinforcing way, that encompasses the individuality of every single child – while retaining a method for meaningfully comparing your child to for instance the average of age, location, etc.

We're even testing out the robots that will handle most of the assembly – check out this robot from Universal Robots placing a few Kubits at our office.

A rendering of the parent app and our skill-bubbles concept.

All in all the last 6 - 12 months have been a very significant step in our startup journey and a major step closer to our dream to help the World Embrace Play.I sincerely welcome any kind of question you might have, and I encourage you to just shoot anything on your mind.

Thank you for your time ❤️
Ken and the entire DXTR team

Ken Madsen

Kenneth is our CEO and contact point for everything DXTR Tactile. Ken is making sure that everything we do, we put our passion first; our curiosity for play and learning.

Engineer by training, entrepreneur by heart, father for life.

Secret power: Can stick random objects to his forehead.


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