May 2016

DXTR @ TEDx P&G In Geneva

written by
Ken Madsen
Co-founder and CEO @ DXTR Labs

Exponential Technologies, Disruptive Innovation, and a student startup from Denmark

How on earth did we end up presenting to one of the largest companies in the world?

It's been a couple of months now, and I still can't entirely believe that we got this opportunity. But having a burning passion to make a positive impact on the world will make things possible.

I hope you enjoy my talk, and I'll be happy to take any comments or questions, please do reach out.

Video opens in a Lightbox

Video opens in a Lightbox

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Ken Madsen

Kenneth is our CEO and contact point for everything DXTR Tactile. Ken is making sure that everything we do, we put our passion first; our curiosity for play and learning.

Engineer by training, entrepreneur by heart, father for life.

Secret power: Can stick random objects to his forehead.


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