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The childish minds behind DXTR

Ken Madsen

Kenneth is our CEO and contact point for everything DXTR. Ken is making sure that everything we do, we put our passion first; our curiosity for play and learning.

Secret power: Can stick random objects to his forehead.

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Frederik Nielsen

Frederik is part of the founding team. He has a background en electrical embedded engineering, and later from Interaction Design Engineering. He has been working on such diverse projects as coffe-machines, to climbing robots and Solar Power converters.

Secret power: Always has a Southpark Quote ready.

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Mikkel Moos

Mikkel is managing the financials for the whole business. Whether you make a pre-order, direct a referral our way, or get money back, you can count on Mikkel to take great care of you.

Secret power: Our local survivalist.

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Tobias Vinther

Tobias is our Visual Artist and Graphical Designer. His drawing-pad is overheating with all the wonderful assets flowing from it. Tobias is a skilled gamedesigner as well, and is involved in the entire creative process of developing our games.

Secret power: Actually knows how to fence, in case he's ever challenged to a duel...

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Loïc de Waele

Loïc is the neuroscience guy. His huge interest in brains originates from him missing one. Having studied neuropsychology, he is always making sure everything we do is good for your brain.

Secret power: Dares to have an unfunny joke in his short description.

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Jesper Norup-Jensen

Jesper spends most of his time breathing life into our Kubits. Being raised with Mechatronics and robotics the inside of the brains of the Kubits is his second home (officially). His tinker passion is why he prefers the office to his actual home.

Secret power: Capable of virtually anything, except cleaning up his own mess.

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Jesper Koch

Jesper is our 1337 Game Designer and Developer. Designer by day, programmer by night; Jesper handles the game development with an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove holding cotton candy with a cherry on top. Driven by a love for play, Jesper is working hard to make sure your child's training will be all fun and games.

Secret Power: Surprisingly good with accents.

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Adelle Stead

Adelle is our Marketing Manager from Down Under. For inexplicable reasons she thought it'd be a good idea to move to Denmark and now she's stuck here, and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Secret Power: Way better Aussie accent than Jesper Koch can manage.

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Jens Andersen

Jens is our foothold in the US. A well-seasoned CEO of several companies and exits. Jens is in charge of all things related to sales channels - Retailers, shops, yardsales; Jens is your guy.

Secret power: Rides downhill Mountain bike like a lunatic.

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Ayham Abu Al Neaj

Ayham is a development engineer working on our software development projects. With a lovely singing voice Ayham conquers Python every day, shipping commits like no other.

Secret Power: The office Sporty Spice.

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Elis Hirvonen

Elis is our inhouse 3D-MID specialist engineer. This is the mind bending technology we use to cram a computer inside our each one of our Kubits. Manufacturers and contractor hit up Elis with an inquiry.

Secret power: Races motorbikes on small swedish islands.

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What our friends say about us

I know DXTR as a brilliant startup from European Innovation Academy 2014, where they won The Novak Druce Innovation Award, as well as they was awarded as the 2nd best team at the academy. I believe we'll see a lot from them in the future!

Ådne Stenberg Vik, Former Chairman of the Board @ Start Norge

I met the DXTR Tactile team through the SCALEit program and followed them closely for a week, while they navigated the Silicon Valley start-up scene as if they had been here always. They are smart, driven, passionate and on top of that very likable people.

Lene Schulze, Business Catalyst @ 42 Associates

DXTR took part of European Innovation Academy 2014 and quickly became the favorite amongst the international mentors and world renowned speakers. Their idea is fresh, exciting and needed. The team and the idea won awards and hearts at EIA - they are genuine, hard-working and passionate about what they do.

Johanna Tukk, Global CMO @ European Innovation Academy

I met DXTR Tactile at the Web Summit in Dublin 2014. Their ambition, drive and confidence in their product impressed me deeply. They are true entrepreneurs willing to risk it all for what they believe in. I hope they'll make it big. It's guys like these the world needs.

Rune Scharff Andreasen, Head of Section @ The Danish Business Authority

I have been coaching and following DXTR for almost a year and have been impressed by their dedication to the project and their commitment to working hard to achieve success.

They have both the outgoing energy and enthusiasm that make others want to be involved in their business and the dedication of engineers to build a great product that will make a difference to the world. They are truly a great team with the variety of skills and personalities it takes to execute an idea and build a business... and they are nice guys to work with too!

Jan Bendtsen, Head of Department @ IDEA House of Entrepeneurship

I have a business relationship with the DXTR Team and can recommend them as a very dedicated and committed team, which can drive and deliver. It is a pleasure for me and for my company to work with them.

Nouhad Bechnak, CTO @ Multiple Dimension AG

I know some of the founders and their drive to make it a success and to add value through this project is like a life mission. They have a strong and differentiated technology to complement their drive and that's why I expect them to succeed. We'll hear a lot more about them very soon...

Salvador Barros, Executive President @ BET

Round, round, been around, we've been around!

The ultra short short story

playDXTR is developed by the Danish Game-Tech company DXTR Labs.

The idea for DXTR (pronounced like that famous cartoon child genius, or, that bad guy from that one television show) came out of a university project at the University of Southern Denmark in 2013, and started out as an idea of a medical device for training and diagnostic work for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Almost a year in we did the infamous "pivot" into a Smart Toy for kids which was also tool for their parents. Since then our passion for play has grown alongside the product development.

Through playDXTR, we are eager to better understand what play can tell us about how a child is developing and how we can maximize the learning potential in each individual child, in a fun way!

You can read more about the story here.

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